Andy S.-B.

Student & Programmer

About Me

I'm Andy Sukowski-Bang, a student from Germany interested in different fields of technology and computer science, primarily software development, system administration, and ethical hacking. My favorite programming language is C, although I do also like Python a lot and my main operating systems are Void Linux and Gentoo Linux. To find out more about my interests and hobbies, visit

My Projects

These are my five favorite personal Git repositories. I prefer GitLab over GitHub for hosting because of its open-source nature and superior features (in my opinion), but all my repositories are also mirrored to GitHub.

If you want to have a look at my other public projects, visit

Other's Projects

I've also listed some of my favorite free and open-source projects by other dedicated developers. I personally use this software regularly.

My plan for the future is to dedicate a whole webpage to all the FOSS projects I love because there are a lot more than these three.